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UI Design Trends are a Call to Advancement in Mobile Apps

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Getting your Mobile Apps discovered on the Play Store among tones of apps is like a bump in the road. Both mobile app marketing and mobile app design play a crucial role in making app standout among millions Android, iOS, Window apps. Thus, to include your app among those million apps, you need to pitch your Mobile App Development, marketing, and designing strategy in the right direction.


Today, we will talk about major 5 UI Design trends that cannot make your mobile app impressive, but it also makes your marketing strategies results-oriented. These trends can revive your existing mobile app design efficiently.

1.Color Strategy


The color approach in designing buttons, logo or background for mobile is not only popular in 2017. In 2018 as well a large number of designers have realized the benefits of color psychology.

They follow the vibrant color strategy in which they select a single color to symbolizes the richness in UI of the mobile app.

You can make your app interface impressive by merging HD images and graphics with vibrant colors.


2.Font Contrast


UI Design includes every element from interface design to font presentation because font contrast is considered to be the eye-catching element that entices the customer.

Sharp and colorful font contrast exude the richness of your presence that adds a value to the UI design and makes your mobile app worth visiting.


3.Overlapping Effects


Mobile app pioneers have noticed that overlapping of graphics, text, fonts, and images are not so effective in building up a strong and impressive interface.

In 2018, it is being suggested that instead of overlapping different elements it is better to overlapping two similar elements and accentuate it with the shadow effect. This will not only ensure clutter-free interface but also leave you with the amazing mobile app.




The trend of improving the app engagement also continues in 2018. To achieve this, you can think to make your app or web app more interactive. How? Decorate some essential elements like icons, buttons, images, and fonts with animations.

These Animations will not only give your audience a pleasant look and feel but also ensure them with the great user-experience.


5.Voice-based Interface


The year 2018 is a call for advancement and automation in the task. Furthermore, the Voice-based interface has created new waves in the UI mobile app trends.

In this trend, users can easily install and activate their mobile apps through their voice instead of touching or typing.

Thus, think to deliver voice-enabled or fingerprint-enabled app to your users, this will indirectly contribute to your app’s growth.



The success of a mobile app is influenced by the UI Design. If the user interface of the app is clutter-free and impressive, then it will entice large number audience to visit your app and install it. These above trends can help you to keep your Mobile App Development functionality up-to-date and keep you remain ahead of your competitors.

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