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Why Your Small Size Business Need Video Marketing

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Over last few decades, we have seen a lot of innovation in every sphere of the online business. With the course of changing time and developing technologies, we have noticed a paradigm shift in the operating capabilities & marketing strategies.

Entrepreneurs have largely focused on to impress their customers with the real-time experience strategies. How? They share real-time oriented content with their customers including Videos.

According to Wyzowl Research, “81% of businesses said that their explainer video has helped them increase sales.” Thus, this has make Video Marketing one of the most popular Content Marketing tools.

So, today we have brought an Infographic that will enlighten you with the few other essential benefits of incorporating video marketing into marketing strategies.

After seeing the prevalence of video marketing across the globe, many digital pioneers have made the Future Prediction.

By 2020, online videos will spread it’s armed efficiently that more than 80% of all consumer online traffic in India and 85% in the US.


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We, at buzytech provide a complete video marketing solutions that cannot only transform your brand to success story, but also engages your customer to your brand.


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