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Frequently Asked Questions about Video Marketing

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From last 5-6 years, we have seen that Videos has its own significance in an online business and market. Many young entrepreneurs have started making video marketing a part of their marketing strategies.

Be it the website or social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, viewers watch prefer to watch videos. From last 2 years, there is a prodigious growth in the video action growth. Buyers have now started taking action after watching videos.

Need Proof?

According to Statista, video content and video actions growth on selected social networks from 2015 to 2016 are as follows:

S.No Social Channel Video Content Volume Video Actions Growth
1 Facebook 49% 166%
2 Twitter 176% 167%
3 Instagram 71% 49%
4 YouTube 12% 0%
5 Overall 43% 103%

Thus, video marketing has become a need of an hour. Video Marketing has provided a foolproof platform to the business owner where they can represent their business proficiency in a real-time manner.

Before making Video Marketing a part of your marketing strategies, you might have some questions regarding videos like how it is beneficial to us, how to establish video marketing channel, and much more.

So, today we are compiling 6 major questions related to video marketing. These questions will let you gain a detailed insight into Video & its marketing.

Ques 1 – What is Video Marketing?

 Ans 1 – Video Marketing is the part of digital marketing that allows entrepreneurs to represent their business proficiency in a real-time manner. This strategy of content marketing enables you to showcase your special area of business in a detailed & quick manner.

If you have the product based business, video marketing enables you to exude your collection in a most awe-inspiring & real-time way.

Ques 2 – Why Our Business Need a Video Marketing?

 Ans 2 – Video Marketing proves to be Beneficial for small size business, medium & large firms.

According to Vidyard Aberdeen Impact of Video Marketing Report, entrepreneurs who have incorporated videos in their content have seen an unprecedented level of improvement in the overall growth of their business.

Ques 3 – How does Video Marketing Work?

 Ans 3 – Video marketing has not only revolutionized the operating capability of the business, but it also ensures growth to the business.

A video is visually stimulating and works on the principle of stimulation, thus, it conveys the message quickly & easily. There is no other medium like a video that triggers the emotion of the viewers and entices them to take action.

Ques 4 – What if you don’t have YouTube Channel?

 Ans 4 – Nowadays, there are many other platforms that work as a reliable platform to post your videos. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have gained immense popularity as a video sharing platform.


According to Huffington, after Facebook, YouTube is the preferable platform to watch the videos. Thus, having YouTube channel is not important, but if you expand your presence to YouTube, it may add a value to your branded videos.

Ques 5 – How to Use Videos to Promote Your Business?

 Ans 5 – Video provides you with the chance to showcase each and everything of your business in an engaging way. This can help you to promote your brand in a real-time way.

There are different ideas like:

  • Showcase product collection
  • Services demonstration videos
  • Customers experience/testimonials
  • Upload achievements stories

Ques 6 – Is it important to optimize the Video Channel?

 Ans 6 – This is something really important to optimize your video channel. Creating engaging videos are useless until and unless it is not optimized. The well-optimized video can easily rank high.

Read Full Here – Guide to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

These were the few frequently asked question that may pop up in the mind of those who are new to video marketing or looking forward to making video marketing a part their marketing strategy.

These FAQs can help you to gain the in-depth knowledge and better understanding of Video Marketing. If you want to know more about Video Marketing or seeking professional services, visit at buzytech.

We, at buzytech can help you to represent your brand in the most inspiring way that can not only augment the conversion rate of your business but also improves your digital presence.

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