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Email Marketing Etiquette: Do’s And Don’ts

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Since its inception, Email has recognized as the best way to communicate smoothly with employees in the workplace. But, Email has now spread its arms in the world of business and marketing as well. Nowadays, Digital Marketing is at the pinnacle of popularity. Every business entrepreneur looking to elevate his brand presence and to achieve this, they are incorporating Email marketing into their marketing strategies. Almost every online business, be it a small business or large enterprise, need email marketing solutions. Why?

Email marketing works 40 times better at getting customers and offers 17% higher conversion.(Source – McKinsey &Company).

Furthermore, if you are planning to incorporate Email Marketing in your marketing strategies, then there are a few things which you need to consider while creating an Email, here we are compiling some important do’s and don’ts of email etiquette that make your email marketing services exceptional and valuable.

Do’s of Email Marketing Etiquette:


Email Marketing Etiquette

  • Get Permission First

Before pitching any marketing mail to your customer, make sure that ask or request for the permission. If you send too much of email without any permission, it may irritate the view and they may report your email as spam mail or junk. So, don’t add customers to your database until and unless you receive the opt-in request.

  • Keep Clear and Simple Subject Line

The business email inbox is full with tons of emails. In such case, most readers ignore your email. Thus to avoid such things, you need to work on the Subject Line of the email. Try to keep your subject line short and simple, and include the important USP in your subject line.

  • Send Short and Precise Email

Nowadays people are time-crunched readers who are reluctant to spend long hours in reading, especially during office hours. Keeping this in mind, make your emails short and crisp. You can also use email marketing newsletter.

Don’ts of Email Marketing Etiquette:

Email Marketing Etiquette

  • Humor

As Email marketing is categorized as professional marketing strategies, so, your email content should be professional. Avoid using humor elements, including sarcastic statements, double meaning statements. These types of humorous elements may be misinterpreted by the reader and it can also tarnish your business image and goodwill as an individual.

  • Add Exclamation or Casual Statement

Avoid using of Exclamation marks and casual language or any other casual indications like an image. Nowadays, we find that abbreviations expressions like LOL are in writing trend. This expression may add informal vibrations to your business communication.

  • Forget To Include Your Signature

Signature is the connotation that reflects information about your business to the recipient. Signature is considered to be the easiest way for a recipient to contact a business easily. Include all necessary information including web address, email, and contact number.

These were the few important Do’s and Don’ts that you can include in your Email Marketing practice to drive the sales to your business. With these points, one can improve his email marketing for business and can easily convince visitors or recipient to take actions.





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