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9 Proven Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

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Every business is carried with the prime aim to make sales and profit and earn an enviable reputation among customers. It does not matter at all what you do to improve your online presence, the thing that matters a lot is how you express the story and message of your Brand among the audience. Since its inception, Digital Marketing has not only provided a new face to the online business but also ensures the finest operating capabilities to express the brand story.

Video Marketing is considered to be the most powerful and influential digital marketing tool that can help you to improve the brand and elevate the lead generation process. Nowadays, young entrepreneurs largely prefer video marketing to exude their brand story.

If we see the online video viewing penetration among internet users worldwide as of 1st quarter 2016, by age group.


  • Age 16-24 form 93% of YouTube penetration in Q1
  • Age 2 5-34 form 94% of YouTube penetration in Q1
  • Age 35-44 form 90% of YouTube penetration in Q1
  • Age 45-54 form 87% of YouTube penetration in Q1  

(Statistic Source –

From the above statistical information, we conclude that people of every age group are involved in watching videos on YouTube. Keeping this in mind, every online store/website owner started investing in Video Marketing.

Making impressive videos are not enough to achieve desired digital goals, you need to optimize your video as well. This optimization of video can ensure you with the high ranking of the video. So, in today’s blog, we will provide you with the guide that can help you to optimize your Video or YouTube Channel. Before jumping on to the guide, we will first discuss the various crucial factors the determines the ranking of your video:

Factors that Determine the Ranking of your YouTube Channel:


YouTube has created its own algorithm that provides guidelines to market your video and display it in the search results. Some factors that can impact YouTube Ranking:

  • Keyword Relevance
  • Video Length
  • Watch Time
  • Number of Subscribers
  • Customer Reaction


Now we will enlighten you with the top 9 proven tips to optimize your Video or YouTube Channel:


9 Proven Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

1.Keywords Analysis

Keywords play a crucial role in the digital development and digital marketing as well because it indirectly contributes to the augmenting your digital presence. If your video is without certain keywords, then it will not get any view. So, the first & foremost step to optimize your video is to find relevant keyword. For this, do keyword analysis carefully. You can also take help of tools like YouTube Keyword Analysis tools.

2.Consider Meta Data

When it comes to completely optimize your website or YouTube channel, Meta Data is another important factor to be considered. This data work as the information provider to search engine and viewers as well. Optimizing metadata means optimizing its every element, including Title, Description, and Tagging.

  • Title Tag – It is a heading or tagline for the video that Includes your prime Keyword or key phrase. Always keep your title tag under 56 characters, avoid making longer tags because search engine chopped off longer tags.
  • Description Tag – In this you have to give the short description of your video in 2-3 lines. Again, make sure that your prime keyword should be there in the content.
  • Tagging – Last but not least, once your video is ready to go live, do tagging carefully to reach your targeted audience.

3.Categorize Your Video

It is important to categorize your video under the specific category because this can indirectly improve the ranking of your video. Well categorized and synchronized YouTube channel ensure niche result and search engine identified quickly. This will ensure you with the better search result. There are different categories available on the YouTube, choose according to your beat of your video:

  • Comedy
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Graphic & Animation
  • Gaming
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • News & Politics
  • Business
  • Science & Technology
  • Sports


4.Keep Your Channel Up-to-date

Now its time to keep your channel up-to-date. Why? Because well-optimized channel with proper profile picture, cover page, well-defined descriptions can increase the exposure of your video. Along with this, make sure that your channel should be interactive and for this give the prompt reply in the comment session.

5.Keep Check on Social Media

After categorizing and updating your profile and all, now its time to promote your channel and videos. How? Social Media is considered to be the most efficient and result-oriented way to promote your presence. According to statista “Approximately 15% of young adults in the capital city Delhi spent 2 to 4 hours on social media daily on an average.” (Source – Statista).

Furthermore, properly update the social media URLs on your profiles and channels to elevate the ranking of your channel.

6.Consider Thumbnail Image

Another way to entice the audience to visit your channel or watch your video is your Thumbnail. It acts as an index of your video content. More impressive the thumbnail more will be the visitor to your channel. Make sure that your thumbnail should be clearly visible. Always opt high resolution image with a minimum dimension (640px x 360px)and aspect ratio (16:9).


Annotations are the perfect way to improve the audience engagement at your channel. Simply put, Annotation refers to the clickable text potion on the videos with the name of “Subscribe for more videos” or “Click to watch more videos”. These annotations can elevate the process of audience engagement. Use these annotations cautiously at the right place because too much of annotations may irritate your viewer.

8.Embed Enticing Call to Actions

Whether you are posting videos or promoting on social media channels, you need to support your video with the strong Call to Actions (CTA). Your video must have the strong reason or USP so that viewer can watch. Thus, for this, you need to make attractive but relevant CTA. Don’t use any false method to promote your video.

9.YouTube Analytics

The scope of improvement comes with analytics. If you analyze your performance, you can have the better understanding of strength, weakness, and opportunities. YouTube Analytic analyze and measure the performance of your video from every factor including, Number of Clicks, Average View Duration, Number of Times Video has been played.

Wrap up

Nowadays, YouTube has become a great source to earn money without going anywhere. Many entrepreneurs have made video marketing an integral part of their digital marketing strategy. Follow these 9 proven tactics to make your YouTube Channel or video a big hit. For any more information click here at Video Marketing.

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